Download Vina kich hoat crossfire moi nhat
Download VinaCF kich hoat moi nhat

[Dot kich] Vina kich hoat crossfire moi nhat

Riptide is the #1 CFVN hach built to satisfy all your needs.

Seem legit with the all new, exclusive Ghost Aim feature.
Identify all enemies and objects with the fully advanced, Perfect ESP options.

Take aiming at ease, with the most accurate and Advanced Aimbot available.
Take less time raging, and more time killing with the exclusive CFVN, which does it all for you.

Show off your hacks with the incredible Spammer, Voice Spam & Remotekill features.
Feeling angry? Crash everyone in the game to their desktop. Crash To Desktop.

Not enough guns? Teleport all weapons, papa boxes and hi-secs in front of you.
Many more features such as Super Kick, Server Crasher, Disable Animations & Configuration Options, all available.

Open the menu with the INSERT key.
Riptide features a built-in music player which can be activated by pressing the DELETE Key and paused with the HOME key.

To use the music player, Put a folder in your C: Drive called “Music” and place your .mp3 files in there. Create Path: “C:\Music”
Supports both keyboard & mouse input.

NOT Supports CFPH, CFVN only

Simple to use with advanced, automatic loader with built in stealth options.
Loader does not connect to internet.
( Ignore any loader warnings )